CTM One Real Estate Enterprise Web Application

CTM One is a powerful, web-based application capable of managing the entire brokerage firm and real estate agent operations. The digital process creates, records, and distributes company resources in the most efficient manner in a centralized database.

CTM One monitors and analyzes the status of all real estate transactions, displaying not only vital information, but also requests made by the agents on an interactive dashboard.

CTM One Digital Dashboards allow users to focus on any task that needs immediate attention, and then prioritizes the actions needed to solve the problem. All interactions with the RE Agents and the Brokerage Firm are carried out online.

CTM One digitalizes all real estate processes by avoiding the need for paperwork or faxes. In addition, CTM One keeps track of all requests and their completion; whether it is throughout a branch, or throughout the entire company, using the digitalized system.

CTM Centralize Database
Manages all company operations through a powerful centralized database.
CTM Single Point Of Data Entry
CTM Software TechnologySM features a company-wide, Single Point of Data Entry, which means data never has to be entered more than once
Transaction Management
CTM One monitors and analyzes the status of all real estate transactions, displaying not only vital information, but also requests made by the agents on an interactive dashboard.
Clients Database
This feature allows agents to manage all of their clients needs. It is fully integrated with CTMeContracts. Agents can enter new clients, import clients from Top Producer® or MS Outlook®, In addition, agents can set birthday and personal reminders, type client notes, organize clients by type, input easy referral notes and create labels. 
CTM eContracts
Web-based Real Estate Electronic Contracts are Real, Interactive, Electronic Contracts that allow Agents to email real-time contracts, disclosures, etc., to participants in the transactions. Any change made on a contract will be automatically reflected in the email. At the same time, participants can complete contracts online. Agents can email contracts to be signed or initialed online with a secure CTM Web Signature or CTM Web Initials. This unique web signature avoids the process of agents having to send faxes back and forth. No PDF conversion or software installation required. Everything is done online. 
Listing / Sale Input
Listings are entered by the agent in a simple Electronic Form which replaces the existing Metrolist ® paper forms. It also includes IRES forms which save the agent time by propagating data from the MLS forms. 
Listing Change
All listing change requests are recorded, as well as their completion. Listing Change History keeps track of requests and changes made.   
Contracts Deadlines
The system keeps track of all contract deadlines for all transactions. The main dashboard indicates listing or sale transactions where any deadline is overdue. Transaction deadlines are tracked automatically when the sale is created from a Contract To Buy and Sell.
Title Order, TBD, O&E
Title Order, TBD, O&E Order Title, TBD, O&E electronically share all transaction documents.
Ledger of Earnest Money
Collect all necessary info when the listing goes under contract. Up to three buyers can be entered for one transaction. Assign a Transaction Coordinator allowing access to the transaction. Promissory Note Tracking: The system will notify the agent when any promissory notes are due. The Earnest Money Ledger, allows the Brokerage Co. to keep track of all earnest money received and can also balance bank accounts.
Earnest Money Request-Release
Request earnest money by buyer indicates the date when a check is needed.
Release earnest money and indicate payable instructions
Showing Instructions
Submit showing instructions or access Centralize Showings.
Close File Check List
Calculate Commission Breakdown, Calculate agent payments, Referral, Broker fee, Office Expenses, Transaction Coordinator, Office Unpaid Bills and Commission Advance. Add custom commission items. Agents will complete this form and the system will not allow the file to close if any information required by the Brokerage Firm or MLS is missing. Double Side transaction.
Documents Management
Secure and complete Document Management. All PDF listing and sale documents are uploaded to the system allowing agents and transaction coordinators to view or email them to other participants in the transaction. Build company electronic documents in the following formats PDF, DOC, TIF, etc. Find out what transactions per agent, branch, or company are missing and easily dispatch automatic emails to request them.
Electronic Transaction Calendar
This calendar displays all deadlines for a particular transaction. Documents only need to be emailed once. The participant simply opens the calendar on a daily basis to view real time data. L/S Calendar View and print transactions by Deadlines, Closing Date and Contract Expiration Date for agents, branch or entire company in calendar format. Personal Meetings Feature: Agents can add personal meetings to their calendars.
Agents Profile
Collect and manage agent profiles featuring: Agent History, Broker Fee, Office Plans History, and Office Transfer History. Team Members: Enables agents to work on common transactions. Customize splits per transaction for Agent-Broker Co., Office Manager, Managing Broker, Assigned Mentor, Program Manager, Initiation-Termination Fees, License Info, New Agents, Commission Advance (calculate and generate legal contracts when agents request an advance out of their commission for a transaction).
Agent Vacation Schedule
Agents can generate or email vacation notices. While on vacation, this feature allows other agents to manage the business automatically.
User-Customized Access

User's access can be customized per user. This allows the brokerage firm to restrict user access.
Message System
A powerful message system allows users to communicate efficiently.  
Conference Room Reservation
This feature allows users to reserve conference rooms for any company branch. Front desk personnel can easily manage conference room reservations. 
Transaction Log Notes
Every CTM Task includes a Log-Notes box which allows participants to type any note related to the particular task. A complete transaction log can be accessed from the detail dashboard.
The more than 40 real-time data reports will help manage the company and support the decision-making process. Activity Report (General), Activity Report (Mortgage), Activity Report by Agent, Cross Co. Activity Detail, Earnest Money, Listing Expiring, Missing Transactions Docs, Closing with Non/Broker Firm, Agents, Opened Listings, Withdrawn Listings, Broker Fee, Staff Bonus, Recruiting Database, Sold Transactions, Agents on Vacation, Agent History, Individual Agent Tracking by locations/month, Office Plan Summary, New Agents, Terminated Agents, Agent’s Birthday, RE Signs borrowed, Activity Report (Mortgage), IIS Commission Transactions Breakdown, Company Overall Reports and Add internal referral commission to the reports.
Internal Referring Commission
Enter internal referring commissions which are displayed on the reports. 
Recruiting Database
This powerful tool allows recruiters to manage all company recruiting needs. Populate contact info from reports, import contacts, set birthday and personal reminders, set custom reminders applying recurrence, type notes by category, organize clients by type, create Thank You letters and mailing templates.
White Board – Post Messages
This feature automatically notifies agents by email with New Posted Listings and Price Changes in existing listings. MLS listing info can be easily accessed from the email received. Post Message: This feature allows users to post messages and attach PDF or docs files

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