Web Base Interactive Digital Real Estate Contracts

Real interactive electronic contracts. Documents only need to be emailed once, even if there are changes. This means that any changes made on the contracts, at anytime, will be automatically updated in the email that the user sends.

Participants in the transaction can complete documents online. For example, the Seller Property Disclosure contract can be completed electronically and signed by the seller at the same time it can be accepted by the buyer online. No need for faxes back and forth. Sign or initial contracts online with the mouse using the CTM Web Signature and CTM Web Initials.  

Interactive - Electronic Contracts
CTM eContracts are fully interactive contracts allowing participants to interact with each other in real time avoiding the need for faxes. 
CTM Web Signature
Agents can email contracts to be signed online with a secure CTM Web Signature. Therefore, avoiding the need to send faxes back and forth by using this unique web signature. There is no need to purchase any hardware.

Participants in the transaction can easily sign documents with a Mouse, Digital Pen, Signature Pad, Tablet Pencil, Tablet PC, or a Graphics Tablet.

After the participant has signed the document and has clicked save, a confirmation window will appear asking the user to Accept or Decline the signature. Once accepted, the signature will be embedded into the contract and the contracts will be LOCKED, the contract cannot be modified.

eSignature File:
Agents can upload or create their eSignature File and then they can add it to new contracts to be created.

Signature Notification:
The agent will receive an email every time a contract is signed indicating the signer name, document name, property address and date-time of the signature. The Colorado Real Estate Commission indicates that electronic signatures are legitimate as long as the parties agree to receive an electronic signature. 
CTM Single Point Of Data Entry
CTM Software Technology features Single Point of Data Entry: which never enters the same data twice. 
CTM Detail Dashboard
The CTM Detail Dashboard helps the user access and navigate the following features.

The application displays detailed information for a specific property. Agents can access all contracts/documents related to one property.

Auto populates contract info when placing a title order.

Displays the status of contract deadlines. Overdue deadlines are displayed in red. Upload any document related to a transaction.

Documents can be easily emailed to any participants in the transaction.

Collect all closing information and calculate commissions. Record and share transaction notes with team members.

Summarize and display all information info within the full report. Generate Vacation Notices
CTM Main Dashboard
The CTM Main Dashboard helps you navigate and view information for all contracts and allows access to the eCalendar. It also monitors contract deadlines for all your contracts; displaying them in calendar format. 
Clients Database
Manage all your clients in one centralized database. The client database allows you to auto populate a contract with all client information:
Enter new clients; Import clients from Top Producer® or MS Outlook®
Export clients
Set birthday and personal reminders
Type clients notes
Organize clients by type
Easy Referral Notes
Create Labels
Title Order - TBD -O&E
Order title electronically. Auto populate contract information when placing title orders. Monitor your order status and receive open title documents.
This electronic calendar can be emailed to participants. It is a "real time" transaction calendar. Any deadline change will be automatically reflected in the eCalendar, even after the information has been emailed. This feature keeps participants informed with the process of the transaction. 
eCalendar All Contracts
This Calendar displays the status of contract deadlines for all transactions. The calender can be accessed from the Main Dashboard. Contract Easy Access: Click on the property address above the deadline and it will open the CTM Dashboard detail for that particular property. 
Contracts Deadlines Monitoring
The system keeps track of all contract deadlines for all contracts. When a "contract to buy and sell" is created, the system will automatically keep track of all contract deadlines. This feature is also available for Listing Contracts. 
Closing MLS Info
Calculate Commission Breakdown, Calculate agent payments, Referral, Broker fee, Office Expenses, Transaction Coordinator, Office Unpaid Bills and Commission Advance. Add custom commission items. This screen will help agents to close a file, the system will indicate if the transaction is missing any information required by the Brokerage Firm or MLS. Double Sided transaction.
Document Management
Secure and complete Document Management. All PDF listing and sale documents are uploaded to the system allowing agents and transaction coordinators to view or email them to other participants in the transaction. Build your company's electronic documents arcade. Documents Format: The system supports any type of format PDF, DOC, TIF, etc. Find out which transactions are missing documents. 
Clause Editor
Create standard or custom clauses and add them to the contracts with just one click.  Add multiple clauses simultaneously feature. 
Agent Vacation Schedule
Agents can generate or email vacation notices for clients. While on vacation, you can allow other agents to manage your business automatically.
Message System
A powerful message system allows users to communicate efficiently.  
Transaction Log Notes
Every CTM Task includes a Log-Notes box which allows participants to type any note related to the particular task. A complete transaction log can be accessed from the detail dashboard. 
Team Members
The system will allow agents to work with other agents as team members, sharing information, delegating tasks, etc.

Assistants, transaction coordinators and other agents can be set to share contracts, documents, etc.

Enables Team Members to share information with or delegate tasks to other agents, transaction coordinators or to other parties.

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