Applying CTM

What CTMS does, is monitor and move the object or objects along the rails towards the final desired destination while not only allowing the manager to view the progress of each mission, but automatically enact a solution every time the object or objects fails a critical task .

In an ideal situation, the achievement of the objective would happen without any problems. Although not every obstacle can be foreseen, CTMS identifies any repeatable problem to rapidly find an automated solution. The idea is that every single task is either completed or not completed and the result of that task is either positive or negative to the objective. Once a task becomes a risk to the OLC, it is considered “off track”. The purpose of identifying “off track” tasks is to find an immediate solution for getting the object “on track” if attempts have failed to get the object “on track” the object is then terminated.

The goal obviously is to keep as many objects “on track” as possible, and identify as many “off track” objects as soon as possible. The purpose is to bring your data to life through a Digital Assembly Line that organizes processes and identifies what task should or should not be automated.

_Digital Assembly Line
_Instantaneous Status of every process
_Three Dimensional Assembly
_Line Real Time Feed Back

Because it is a digital process that creates, records, and distributes resources in the most efficient manner: 

CTM is multitasking application and theory that allows you to organize and operate every function of your business under one web base software application since all operations are linked together. It includes:

_ Planning
_ Operations
_ Marketing
_ Sales
_ Advertising
_ Accounting
_ Communications
_ Accounts Payable
_ Accounts Receivable
_ Collections
_ Human Resources
_ Customer Service
_ Manufacturing
_ Distribution
_ Quality Control
_ Legal
_ IT Department
_ Research Devlopment
_ Inventory
_ Hiring

By placing all of these task under one hood, since your objective or OLC will be touched by each one of these departments, it only makes sense to see who touched it and why and when and how and also to avoid having certain parts of information lost in the transfer from one software application to the next. It is ok to have backup systems that integrate with your current software, because CTM recognizes the positive benefits of an integrated software package that has already evolved its niche. CTM allows you to pull out the information from the other software packages that you need.

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