Evolving Your Busuiness

Introduction of Leaf Cutter Ants, what they are and how they work. The difference between leaf cutter ants and humans.

What if Leaf Cutter ants could duplicate their resources to more than one set of trees at a time?

Every employee has experience in your organization which contributes to the Organizations DNA, which allows it to adapt and evolve. Evolution requires feedback, without recording the feedback is like not witnessing the experience in the first place. How can you grow without capturing this information?

The Second Law of Thermodynamics, better known as Entropy, says that order tends to give way to disorder. Organization dissolves info randomness. Given this inescapable reality, the only way to maintain any order at all is by recycling disorganized components into organized arrangements, maintaining a kind of temporary reprieve from disorder.

One way of maintaining order of disorganized components is through a solution library. However, if you are not recording what your doing, how will you ever know when and where disorder is happening? You cannot manage what you do not measure.
On this planet at least, DNA and DNA alone manages to buck the universal trend toward disorder. Non-genetic, otherwise known as human knowledge, cannot copy itself, but it can be copied and recorded, and transferred. This means it has a far better chance of surviving into the future, which allows it to contribute to the evolution of an organization or organism to that which it is applied.

The development of the printing press enabled the quickest development in human nature since the beginning of time. Why? Because we were now free to not only record information in the form of an exact replica, but we could more importantly share information, and build upon (evolve) information already known, instead of reinventing the wheel. How many people were the first to invent geometry, yet could not transfer or record this information?

We are now entering the Sixth Information Explosion. Business does not move at the pace it did 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or even a year ago. The last Information Explosion, the Industrial Revolution moved at relative light speed its first 30 years. The physical process of encoding information had to be refined to the point where it no longer required enormous effort to copy something. If writing is difficult to do, not much of it is done. And logically, when little writing is done, very little information is copied and made available to society. Without tremendous advances in science and technology, company X could not possibly distance itself from the fate shared by all other X companies. 

The internet, and database technology is similar to the invention of the printing press, in that it offers tremendous advantages for technological breakthroughs. After all, the computer is only 25 years old. With the use of today’s technology, a business leader can now effectively reproduce his ideas and methodologies for running a company and actually leave them behind and turn an ordinary idea into a living entity. By combining genetic information, learning, education, experience into code, you now have a mutual relationship with technology which leads to extra genetic information. The feedback loop consists of Research, Concepts and Framework, and Applications relating to the Real World.

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